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                From an early childhood that lead him through every urban town in the San Fernando Valley to finally calling Sylmar, California his home, Cristian Gutierrez now better know as Concrete, has the makings of an upbringing that to this day solidify his eclectic creative prowess in a city that demands for creativity but offers little resolve. At the young age of twelve, Concrete found his bearings in the music industry as a party planning DJ. Although the least of the glamorous of DJ gigs, it was this primitive beginning that laid the foundation for his adolescent career as a Hip-Hop performer and lyricist. He garnered the nickname Beretta as he grew older, building his reputation and took the Spanish-American rap scene by storm. He owes this early success to Lyrik, a well established local rapper and his best friend and hype man, Full Clip. Through these resources, Concrete was able to perfect his trade, create his own brand, and eventually end up having a radio hit, "Certified Kush" on the Los Angeles based major Hip-Hop radio station Power 106. His features even included those in the high ranks of Hip-Hop including Krayzie Bone, Lazie Bone, and members of the infamous The Outlaws. Everything was falling into place for the Valley local, gaining momentum through his lively performances and gritty lyrics that can tell a story while keeping true to his person. Unfortunately, like any "coming from nowhere" story, his career was to take a devastating hit on his success and his self. Full Clip, Concrete's one true friend and business partner, passed away unexpectedly towards the end of his release of first full length album. There was a space left on the stage where Full Clip used to perform with Berreta. This space was to never be filled.


Fast forward to a few years of self-realization and jobs that destroyed creativity rather than nurture it, Concrete returned to the spotlight, but this time with a camera in hand instead of a microphone. The need to fill that void left by a crushing loss was now replaced by a form of expression that only a man whose been through so much can portray. Being taught by the best in the film industry while simultaneously teaching others at the prestigious New York Film Academy, Concrete began building his music video resume under the brand Ready 2 Shoot (R2S) Films. Having shot the likes of Stephen and Damien Marley, Baby Bash, C-Kan, and TOO SHORT just to name a few, his unique style and swift shots not only limited him to performance videos but to independent films, social media reporting ventures, Tuyo TV for example, and anything wherever a camera was needed.Spanning over 250 videos and counting, where ever there was a chance to go above and beyond to what a video can be, Concrete and the R2S team was there.


Concrete's newest venture brought him together with 519 Productions, formerly known as Encore Sessions, to the now known R2Sx519 Creative. This merger brought about bigger talent and ideas that put his visions of imaginative stylings to a whole other level. This brought about artist like Gerardo Ortiz, El Kommander, and MC Magic, showcasing just how far someone with a never ending grind mentality can accomplish. He also stays true to his passion as a rapper by performing side by side with number one Mexican recording artist C-Kan. There's no telling how far Concrete will go but there is one thing that is certain, just as his nickname states, Concrete came back harder than Beretta ever could.


Concrete was born  Dec 22nd 1985 in Van Nuys CA  . As a kid his family moved around in the San Fernando Valley through cites like

               Panorama City,Sylmar,San Fernando,Arleta and Palmdale. Those are the places that have molded and created his love for music and the

               drive behind his pursuit for the #1 spot. Hip hop was not his first love, it was spanish music that caught his ear. He started to dj at the age of 12

            for a party planning company for only 35$ a night. It wasnt to long before he was the youngest dj in the L.A club scene. Through out this time he

           looked for more in music and started to write rhymes and concepts for song. At age 15 he met a local rapper name Lyrik. Lyrik to him to a producer by 

         The name of chuck heat and had him under there wings for a couple yrs. Where he learn how to make beats and structure his songs. Dropping out for 

       music at age 16 Concrete learn the hard the way about the music industry. With numerous jobs and street hustles including the help from his father he had 

       his recording equipment at 16. With all the time in the world he dug him self deep in music and perfected his craft for production and writting. At  17 he joined Lyriks band project where he became the hype man of his band 1ad7. After touring with them for a year he decided it was time to move on and create his 

     movement. He worked his way through the small club scene for a couple years doing show's. Soon after he signed with SnL Ent where he had a single on the radio called Certified Kush for a month on LA's Power 106, and recorded his first major unrealesed features with members of Bone Thugs N Harmony Krayzie Bone and Lazie Bone ,Kokane, Hot Dollar & The Outlaws. Even though his career seemed to be moving in the right direction Concrete was not happy with the way it was all happening. After a year with SnL Ent he parted ways to create his own Label 1 in A Million Music Group with close friend Roy " Full clip". Full clip was the closest partner he ever had in the music buisness. Full clip was his manager,hype man, engineer and back bone to his movement. Putting him on numerous mixtapes,magazines and big headliner opening show's in the , but sadly he passed away two month before there first underground album had finish production.  Full clip even created  Concrete a band to change there style a bit. Witch is also a big part of his movement. The band is now named Full clip in his honor. Not seeing the end of the tunnel anytime soon Full clip's dad Roy "pops" has taken a lead role in helping making his son's dream come true. Now with a single in place called "Fresher than you" Produced by Concrete things are looking great for Concrete in the near future. Just recently he inked a deal to Have his own Radio Show on web stream. Witch is creating a huge for him. With the streets and radio on strong hold this artist is on his way up!




R2S FILMS is an L.A. based company specializing in video and film production. Director and editor Cristian "Concrete" Gutierrez is known for his fresh eye and sleek, swift shots making him the most sought after in music video production, documentaries and much more! Juggling his career in music production, movies and as a host on The Latin Legacy Show he is slowly but surely on the rise to bigger and greater things and can most definitely do it all... His work and growing clientele speak for themselves! Welcome to R2S FILMS.


Production credits /Music Videos


Angel Lopez (son by four)

Chingo Bling 

Baby Bash

Charli Baltimore

Too Short


Mr Capone E

Kid Frost

Glasses Malone


Down AKA Kilo

Crooked Stylo

T Lopez

David Rolas

Compton Menace

Concrete - Smoke Loud

Concrete - Smoke Loud

Concrete - Smoke Loud

Concrete - Its My Time ft. Nikki Diaz

Concrete - City of Angels

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